Electric Guitar TELE Solid Body Electric Guitar Modernist fine instrument Jumbo 2.7mm 22frets Vintage Tele Style Red

Electric Guitar TELE Solid Body Electric Guitar Modernist fine instrument Jumbo 2.7mm 22frets Vintage Tele Style Red

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Electric Guitar TELE Solid Body Electric Guitar Modernist fine instrument Jumbo 2.7mm 22frets Vintage Tele Style Red
Alder Body + Maple Neck + Rosewood Fingerboard 9.5 Radius
Vintage Tele Style, 1 vol 1 tone 3way switch, 15:1 tuners, hardware chrome, Scale: 648 mm bolt on

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Customer Reviews

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Excellent Highly Recommend

Impressive instrument. The thin black matte finish is really nice, fit and finish is perfect, beautiful wood and natural matte finish on thin C profile neck. Neck and frets have been polished and rounded well. No rough fret edges. Plays very smooth and effortlessly. Action is good. Intonation is good. Love the pickup voicings. Not changing out or upgrading anything.

Michael Phillips
Vintage design without sacrificing modern comfort and playability!

Wow! What a guitar. I had super high expectations when I ordered this. It got rave reviews from some of my favorite YouTubers and I really expected something special. I have to say my expectations were completely met! I love the yellow color and white pickguard. To me, it is the perfect vintage look for a tele. The classic 3-saddle bridge adds to this vintage look AND the guitar was still perfectly intonated. The roasted neck perfectly complements the yellow color and rounds out the nice look of the guitar.

But what really makes this guitar special is the playability! I don't think I could even capture how great this feels in my hands. First off, it's a classic design but only weighs about 6.5 pounds! I have 5 different tele-style guitars and this is by far the lightest and easiest to play. If you play standing up for a few hours that is a HUGE advantage. The roasted maple really lets me feel the wood under my head and glides so much better than the high gloss finish on most guitars. The stainless steel frets are well polished on mine and the strings bend so easily that I had to adjust my bending strength to stay in tune! Honestly, I have American-made 2k plus guitars that don't have a neck this fun to play! In fact, I am hoping I can convince latitude to sell me a separate neck to replace the one on my genuine Fender telecaster so I can get the same feel out of the much more expensive guitar. Extra points to latitude for the very nice headstock design. Headstock and logos are a real weak spot with imports and some are painful to look at. But I think this is a great design that I am proud to display.

The electronics are about what you would expect. The pickups have a great low tone that lets me play punk and pop-punk in addition to the alt. country I bought it for. I know most people plan on replacing the pickups immediately, but trust me: play it a few weeks first and see if you even want to bother.

Worst experience buying a guitar

The guitar came with the neck joint cracked and I was told I would get a replacement but it has been 12 days since any communication. The guitar is mediocre at best. I’d not recommend this to anyone. Specially beginners.

William von Zangenberg
Nice Guitar for A Great Price

Got my guitar a few days ago. Guitar shipped in a rubber foam case and arrived in perfect shape. I examined the guitar closely, the body where the neck joins is slightly wider than the neck but nothing to worry about. Frets are finished well, smooth to the touch. Neck feels like roasted maple, very nice to the touch and easy to use. Pots are good and 3 way switch feels good. The switch is not an expensive one but not cheap either. I will probably keep it as is for a bit before making any changes. Jack connector is screwed into the body so it won't work loose. That's a nice touch. The nut is cut pretty well but slightly deep on the high E string side. I beefed up the nut at the high E string to make it play better without noise. The way it was delivered the high E sounded like a Sitar. A quick fix. All in all I am happy with the guitar so far. It's a nice instrument for the money. I like the feel of the neck most of all. It's very comfortable to play and doesn't cramp your hands. The guitar is also light to hold so playing a gig with it should not be an issue. I can see the guitar staying in a stand at my home to be my grab guitar to practice on when the mood strikes me. Would like to see a case offered as an option. I think the guitar is well worth the money you pay for it. It hits above its price point for sure.

Brett Balch
Never received

ordered 19 October, yet guitar never received. No contact info for factory to report lost Guitar. So far, I’m very under impressed. Send my guitar!