Collection: Classic hard tails and Wilkinson Tremolo Bridges

  • [HIGH-QUALITY CONSTRUCTION]Canadian maple neck with “C”shaped profile,24 frets Maple Fingerboard,electric guitars truss rod construction adds two carbon fibres to make the neck more stable, adds to the instrument's longevity and provides a smooth playing experience.
  • [TOP TIER WOOD]Our electric guitar the wood of the body is made of top grade North American Alder wood,after rigorous sanding and craftsmanship,and it has been baked,to create a unique charismatic guitar body for playing comfortability.
  • [DOUBLE RAIL PICKUPS]With double rail pickups, our electric guitar offer a wide range of tones.The sound will be stronger and brighter,and the aural openness will be more direct,bringing the most explosive live effect.
  • [Guitar Bridge System]Our electric guitars fitted with wilkinson tremolo bridge allow you to bend the pitch, rock out and experiment with different styles and genres of music as you play.
  • [CLASSIC DESIGN]The electric guitar boasts an iconic and classic body shape that is both visually stunning and tactile,ergonomically designed for comfortable playability.A guitar that will satisfy you.
  • [EASY TO PLAY]The electric guitarare perfect for beginners or for intermediate guitar. They feature easy-to-play, full sounding pickups. This electric guitar comes ready to play right out of the box, perfect choice for Novice & Intermediate Players.